ECOfrigo AS

Ecofrigo was started December 2009. Our core market up to now has been the refrigeration area, with main focus on supermarket and light industry.

Ecofrigo aims to be a supplier of future-oriented solutions with focus on safety and security. Our products have good quality, and give our customers a secure and easy installation, operation and maintenance. We believe the flexibility, experience and expertise give the company unique position, which our customers benefit from. Our ambition is that Ecofrigo through our solutions contribute significant to develop the market through innovative solutions for the refrigeration industry.

PB 168 Holmlia
NO-1203 Oslo
MD: Rune Grytnes

Phone: +47 23 16 94 00
Fax: +47 23 16 94 01




Fabrikkveien 29
inngang B
4033 Stavanger