Beijer Ref is launching propane heat pump

November  17, 2016

On the 2016 Chillventa show, Refrigeration wholesaler Beijer Ref officially launched a propane heat pump - TripleAqua - boasting COPs as high as 10.

This system is capable of achieving savings of up to 50% on commercial building heating and cooling costs.

In 2015, Beijer Ref became involved in the development of this new propane-based technology through its subsidiaries Coolmark and Uniechemie in The Netherlands.

Because it can cool and heat at the same time, TripleAqua is ideal for regions with a moderate climate. Rooms exposed to the sun or housing equipment often need to be cooled, while other sections of the building need heat instead. Also, air conditioning is normally on during the day, with heating being required at night.

Using just three water pipes, installation costs are reduced. Temperatures are also very favourable for a heat pump: warm (28-36˚C), cold (12-18˚C) and a common return pipe at ambient temperature. TripleAqua also buffers the surplus warm or cold energy for reuse later.

The system use only a few kg of propane in the high-efficiency heat pump installed outside the building. Only water flows through the pipelines inside the building.