Commercial refrigeration

Whether you operate a restaurant, hotel, convenience store or supermarket, we have a complete range of premium refrigeration solutions to meet your needs.

Designed for the food supply, food retail and beverage industries, our refrigeration solutions are based on next-generation technologies and focus on giving maximum protection of food products. Our equipment covers a vast array of applications for cooling and freezing.

We have traditionally represented the leading refrigeration brands in the market. Many years in partnership with suppliers of the most technologically advanced products guarantees efficient systems and satisfied customers.

All manufacturers supplying products to us have demonstrated a high level of quality assurance, technical expertise and environmental awareness. Long term relationships with suppliers are important to us because they enable our customers to buy in confidence knowing that their essential requirements will be met.

Our range includes everything from central refrigeration systems connected to food display cases to self-contained display cases in walk-in refrigerators and freezers.

We ensure that all the products we sell conform to the strictest possible environmental performance norms. We test and review all our products to assure ourselves that they consume the lowest energy in their class, yet offer best-in-class performance levels.